Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel may offer comprehensive auto repair for gasoline-powered vehicles, but did you know that we also provide the best diesel repair Limon has to offer? It’s true. When we say that we fix everything we mean it.

Diesel Repair

Diesel Repair Limon CO
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Not all makes and models of vehicles are created the same way and neither are all engines. When your diesel engine needs to be serviced or repaired, it is vital that your mechanic be a diesel expert and that is exactly what you will get at Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel. Our diesel experts are committed to your satisfaction and preserving the integrity and performance of your beloved diesel engine.
The diesel maintenance and repair services that we offer include:

Pickup Truck Service and Repair Limon, CO

If you drive a pickup truck with a diesel engine, you know how important a powerful, well-performing diesel is. Whether you are using it as a daily driver or you mainly use your truck for work, hauling, or towing, you need your engine to be in top-notch shape.

Ford Power Stroke Repair

When Ford released the Power Stroke engine, it was a game-changer in terms of diesel-powered pickup trucks. If you drive a Ford F-series, At Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel, our ASE Certified technicians are available for all of your Ford Power Stroke maintenance and repair needs.

Cummins Repair

Cummins has been leading the diesel engine industry for over a century so it is no wonder that Dodge and Nissan feature it in their pickup trucks. If you drive a diesel-powered Ram, Titan, or Frontier, you need the team of diesel experts at Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel.

Duramax Repair

General Motors introduced the Duramax V8 engine in its pickup trucks in 2001. Since then, GM drivers have come to love the power and performance they get from their diesel engines. When it is time for your next Duramax service or repair, call on the professionals at Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel.

Diesel Repair Near Me

Whether it is time for an oil change or your diesel engine is showing signs of trouble, Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel is available for all of your diesel maintenance and repair needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Visit Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel in Limon CO.

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