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If you are looking for the best transmission repair in Limon, CO, there is nobody that will beat the level of service and quality of repair that you will find at Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel. Our goal is to make every person who comes through our doors feel like they are our most important customer. And we do that by combining ASE Certified, factory-trained mechanics with a state of the art repair facility. Anytime your transmission needs to be inspected, serviced, or repaired, you need the team at Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel.

Transmission Repair Near Me in Limon CO

Your transmission is one of the most important and complex components of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is has a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, you need to know that yours is in expert hands. Our ASE Certified technicians are not only available when your transmission is in trouble, we are also here to keep your transmission serviced and maintained to prevent that failure in the first place.

Signs of Transmission Trouble

Knowing the signs that your transmission is in trouble is the best way to ensure that minor issues are caught and repaired before they turn into major transmission failure. Some of the most common signs of transmission problems include:

  • Grinding noises when your vehicle is changing gears
  • Your vehicle is slipping out of gear
  • Resistance or failure to change gears
  • Your vehicle will not move
  • The check engine light is on

If you have noticed these or any other changes in your transmissions behavior, it is time to schedule an appointment with the pros at Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel.

Driveline Repair

The driveline is the component that takes the power from your engine and transmission and transfers it to the wheels. Your driveline essentially consists of axels, joints, wheels, differential, and driveshaft. If any of these parts are damaged or worn, it will compromise the entire system, For the service schedule to keep your driveline maintained and in tip-top shape, consult with one of our transmission experts.

Why Choose Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel

At Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel, we are the ASE Certified experts who will always put you first. Whether you are coming in for a transmission inspection or a complicated repair, the moment you walk through our door, you will become our top priority. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment. Visit Tri Valley Auto Repair & Diesel in Limon CO.

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